The Most Exciting Male Stripper Show Now Showing at Hippodrome Casino
Get ready to witness the best of seductive action in the heart of the city. Hippodrome casino brings to you the best male stripper show in London. Known as the Circus of Men, this show will be one-of-its-kind of a circus. It will feature a lot of hot men as performers, who will make you gasp and miss a wink with their every move. You will be tempted to touch them or even get as close to them as possible. With so much hot action going on, this will be one circus you will definitely want to run away with.

About the Circus of Men
Hippodrome’s latest offering is certainly the most sexual, erotic and dynamic all-male show that brings to you the men with hottest bodies and most spectacular moves from all around the country. Their spectacular dance moves and acrobatic show will leave you asking for more and more. These performers of the hottest male stripper show in London easily resemble some of those cute guys you always had an eye on in your neighbourhood or office. Once you are through this erotic show, you will never be able to look at those guys without some naughty thoughts ever again.

Other things to do at Hippodrome
Before the show, you can indulge in everything else the Hippodrome has to offer. That list includes the best casino floors in the city, comprising as many as 45 traditional casino tables, in addition to hundreds of slot machines placed all across Hippodrome. You could also treat your taste buds by visiting the in-house restaurants or have a drink at any of the 6 bars based within Hippodrome. For a more peaceful time you can visit the private terrace area and watch the beautiful views of the entire locality. Experience this and much more right here at Hippodrome casino.

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