Get Ready for the Magic Mike Treat Happening Now at Hippodrome Casino
It’s really not difficult to identify the building of Hippodrome casino. Located right in the heart of the city, Hippodrome is all about casino gaming, food, drinks, and live entertainment, all rolled into one. You could choose to come around here to catch thee live casino gaming in its full flow, or enjoy some solo casino fun at any of the slot machines. There are lots of dining and drink choices too, which can keep you occupied all day long.

Magic Mike United Kingdom
Hippodrome’s in-house theatre is without any doubt one of the biggest attractions of Hippodrome casino. It has been known to showcase a wide range of sensual shows every now and then. The latest in the line of those highly-electrifying shows, is Magic Mike United Kingdom that follows the same concept as you may have seen in the movie Magic Mike. The movie’s star, Channing Tatum, is directly involved in bringing this show to London.

What you get from the show
The hottest of male stars of Magic Mike make sure that you get your money’s worth throughout the duration of the show. Right from the moment go, they will show you their feisty dance moves. These moves will get more exotic as the show progresses, setting up your mood in no time. You will find it hard to blink as these men show you their well-toned bodies and move around you with that sensational energy, you will want to scream out loud from your lungs.

The show timings begin from evening onwards and go on late into the night. Eatables are not allowed inside, though you may carry your drink and a few items for consumption inside the theatre. Get your tickets for the show in advance to save yourself from any booking problem later on.
magic mike united kingdom

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