2018 is presented as a year of great challenges. Job security is one of the issues of greatest concern for many people due to various factors, both national and international. 
It is also true that in this year you can present new job opportunities and, be prepared to show the best way the attributes with which you can be the difference between staying in line or get a better position or employment.
It is true that each employer looks for a certain group of particular skills for each position or vacancy that he has. 
However, there are certain values and attributes that are universally sought after. While the jobs hiring near me skills are still most relevant according to each position, the so-called "soft skills" are increasingly important, because they are the ones that really differentiate between two or more candidates that are equal in technical knowledge. 
Next, I mention some of the main skills that, by developing them, can make a difference in your favor:
It involves knowing how to deal openly with new ideas and concepts, individually or as a team. Adapting to the change imposed by others and/or by necessity is essential to fit with different opportunities.
Although, to integrate to the work in equipment is one of the most essential abilities to be able to coexist in a labor atmosphere, to work and to make that the things happen of independent form and without supervision is also key.
Most jobs involve working in one or more workgroups. Working as a team does not only mean knowing how to integrate and coexist with other people but knowing how to resolve differences without affecting your performance.
Problem resolution
Employers often hire people who find and solve problems efficiently. It is one of the main reasons why schools today include analytical thinking in their curricula.
Interpersonal communication
Interpersonal communication is essential to know how to clearly convey ideas, needs, and observations. Someone with outstanding skills who does not know how to clearly communicate their ideas will probably have many problems when dealing with colleagues, suppliers and/or clients. It includes 3 areas mainly: Writing, Listening and Speaking.
Although it is a very trite word and not all roles require "great leaders". It is important to have minimum basic leadership skills since these are the ones that will project your career in the future. Therefore, it is essential to motivate and encourage others to reach goals and inspire change when necessary.
Honesty and Integrity
They are values that many employers value enormously. Projecting them generates confidence and opens the doors to receive greater responsibilities. Loyalty is derived directly from them.
While there are a lot of skills and values that may be more or less important, these are the ones that in my opinion can make a difference. Regardless of this, acting professionally and having the ability to know shines by projecting all the skills is the key to making the most of each of them.

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