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Writing a lab report is very important to any college student and not only to those pursuing a science related course. Writing this report gives you as a student the opportunity to:
  • Formulate your own hypothesis concerning a particular scientific law or principle.
  • Conduct a research and come out findings.
  • Analyze your own data from an experimental work.
  • Present your data.
Since writing this kind of report is very important, it is therefore vital for students to be well equipped with the right skills they need to write the lab report.
Before the practical part of the experiment has been conducted, students are often provided with the lab manual which always act as the guideline to the requirements they need to consider before doing the experiment. As a student, ensure that you strictly follow the lab manual. It is important that you don’t come up with your own procedures apart from the guidelines provided to you unless you have been advised to do so.
The right format for the lab report is very crucial. Students should use the right format when writing the lab report. The following is a template of the format which might be of great help. It consists of the following:
  • The title page – this is very important part of the lab report. It should be simple and concise. If the experiment is about quantifying the amount of substance such as protein in a solution using spectrophotometric absorbance, the title should be as follows; Determination of protein concentration by Spectrophotometry. The title should not be more than ten words. It is what defines the nature and type of the experiment the student is undertaking.
  • The introduction – this is the part where the student states the purpose of the experiment. Within the introduction, the student should include the hypothesis he or she is investigating. Here, the student should provide the basic knowledge available concerning the experiment.
  • Materials and Reagents – state the lab equipment needed to successfully complete the experiment. It should be brief and only contain the listings of the equipment. Remember to include the possible reagents that you may need.
  • Procedure – describe in detail, stating the exact amount of reagents which you are using. Explain the steps such that anyone can perform the experiment and come up with the same results.
  • Results – tabulate your results where necessary. Provide graphs and indicate some uncertainties which may occur in the course of the experiment such as random errors.
  • Discussions and conclusions – here the results are explained in detail. Provide external source of explanation to the findings of the experiment. The opinion or point of view given should be free from any element of bias. If there are errors, indicate your satisfaction with the results of the experiment.
  • References – here give any external source of information you have used in the experiment. It may be from google, journals, newspapers and other different types lab report online of books that have been of great help to you.
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